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MAKE MONEY Review: How I made Over $100 Per Day



In this post, I will be sharing with you my honest review on, how I made over $3,000 per month from and how you can also do the same. which is considered the second best ad network after Google Adsense in terms of revenue. If you are into a good niche, their RPM (revenue per thousands) is always very high. Review

Even sometimes, I have seen more than $79.09 RPM and was able to make more than $100 per day with only 1000 visitors with After Google Adsense, this is my second best way of making money online from an ad network.

When I started blogging, very new as at the time, I have used infolinks on my blog which to be sincere is also very nice and good in revenue, because I was still able to make some few hundreds of dollars per month with the network.

But I can sincerely inform you that with this ad network, you can make money with your blog full time. How will you feel when you are making around $5,000 per month from an ad network.

Won’t that be very interesting? You can travel anywhere if you are making that money every single month; it is alike easy work. In this post, I will be sharing with you how I made over $100 per day from

How I made over $100 per day from

There are a lot of things to consider to make that money from, though get this right, it all depends on you, and the amount I make with does not mean you also can be making that amount.

But am very sure that, if you follow the same strategies I  am using, it is either you make more than $100 per day or less than $100 per day. It all depends on the quality of your traffic.

For your information, to make $100 per day then you must be having 1000 visitors to your blog per day. And every of your post must have the maximal of 3 ads per page.

There are two ways to make money more with, and they are, through impressions and through clicks. In and Google Adsense, you are not paid per impression, but rather you are paid per click on every single ad on your website.

But let me explain this to you, if your impression is low, then your earnings at the end of the day will also be low. Let’s do some calculation, so you can understand what am trying to say.

Because always measure in RPM, unlike Google Adsense that will give you the breakdown of everything on your page as your earning increases.

If your RPM is around $50 and you receive 100 visitors on that day. Let’s say you place 3 ads per page, the impressions will be (3 x 100) which equals 300 impressions.

To get your final earnings, the 300 will be divided by 1000 i.e. (300/1000 x 50), remember that $50 is your earnings, so on that day, you will be making like $15 with 100 visitors.  But if your RPM is low and also your impression is low, it will be very hard to make money with, but don’t worry I will teach you how to have high RPM every day.

To make money with, there is a need for you to understand what is working and what is not working. I have tried it and have seen a lot of people trying it and breaking the bank every month. If you are ready to follow what am about to teach you in this post, then Read on.

The first things to consider in making money from are Your Niche, Traffic, and Location of your Audience. Let me explain how these three can dramatically affect your earnings and I will explain and these three will also determine how much you can be making from


What is a Niche? A niche is a collection of keywords that make up a blog. I have read and heard different stories that is not making them any money, well sometimes I feel their pain but hey you will learn why they are not successful with

The first question I always ask those people who are complaining of is that, what is your Niche, i.e. what are you writing about. This is very important in deciding how much you are finally going to make from

For your Knowledge, is a contextual ad, i.e it display text ads, unlike Google Adsense that can display both text and image ads. Back to our topic, Niche.

If you ask me, what are the niches that are performing well with, they are Finance, health, travel, make money online etc.

If you niche down each of those niches listed, we can start figuring that a finance niche can make up of loans, credits, debt consolidation etc and health (how to lose weight, yoga, fitness etc).

If you look at these niches, you will realize that they are niches that are solving a problem and that’s how to make money more with  Let’s look at each of these keywords on Google Keyword Planner to see how much a click can cost and how much you can be paid.

  • Loans

loans cpc

If you check up, you will see that these keywords are between $3-10 per click. Isn’t that interesting? That means to make up to $100 per day from this type of niche; you must have 10 clicks to make the expected earnings. If you check others on Google keyword planner, you will see how high these keywords are.

Don’t listen to people that are complaining of, they are probably in the wrong niche or doing it wrong. The internet is full of happy and sad people, be one of the happy people and use this method to start making money from the network.

Let me share my experience also with you, I have a friend who is receiving over 200k visitors per month to this Adsense blog and he is making like $200-300 per month from Adsense.

At the first instant, you will know that his niche is very poor and that’s it. There are many ways to determine the CPC (cost per click) of a keyword and the one have used up there on loans is the Google Keyword Planner by Google and there is another similar to it which is Kwfinder. It has a free and paid service, you can check it out.

Always go for high CPC, that’s the secret. Though during the time of my lecture with some students, I was asked this question, does that mean I will delete each of my posts that are not profitable?

The simple answer I gave is this, if it is profiting you at all, why wait for it, delete all the posts and come up with a brand new blog under profitable niches.

Another question I was asked is that what of if have built a large amount of audience, how do I do it? There is no need for you to delete the posts, try to create and launch another blog in a profitable niche so that your time on the internet will not be a waste.


There is a saying that traffic equals money. I mean targeted traffic anyway not some bot traffics. If you want to make any tangible amount of money online, you need to have visitors coming regularly or new to your blog.

If also you want to make a tangible amount of money from, then your traffic source must be genuine. If not, it will count as void and there won’t be any money for you.

That’s why you will see a lot of people complaining that they are not making any money from even when they are into a profitable niche.

The fault is not from, the fault is either from them or lets me say, the traffic providers if they consider buying traffic from an unknown source.

If you want to make money from, not just any amount of money, then you need to have targeted traffic and make your traffic very genuine.

I have seen from my experience that search engine traffic is the best in terms of monetization with You can also read one of my post on how to get free traffic from Google.


I think I need to explain this part of a system to make $100 per day from The location where your audience is coming from also matters greatly.

If you want to be profitable from, then your location must be coming from the source required for. Let me explain briefly, most advertisers on are most United States based and they are focusing major on US and UK residents.

So if your audience is coming apart from these two countries, then you can’t make much money from unless you are receiving millions of visitors per month to your blog. I have tested and proved that with 1000 visitors you can be making $100 per day from Though if 90% of your traffic is from the US or UK.

That’s how I made over $100 per day from If you want to join and join the league, you can register here.

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