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How to Optimize your Blog Posts with Keywords and Meta Description



Are you new to blogging and you are here to discover how to add keywords and meta descriptions for each of your blog posts? Then this post is for you.

Optimizing your blog posts with keywords and meta descriptions is very important because of its signal to any search engine that this is what your blog post is all about.

add keywords and meta descriptions to blog posts

It is one of the things SEO expert teaches to gain more traffic to your blog. If you have been making the mistake of not adding keywords and meta descriptions to your blog posts, then maybe that’s one of the reasons you are not getting search engine traffic.

How to Add Keywords and Meta Description to your Blog Post?

Meta Keywords and Meta description as the name implies will help to improve your SEO ( search engine optimization). Yes, you might be asking what are meta keywords and Meta descriptions.

Very Important Posts to Read;

It is very important, take it this way KEY-WORD.  Keywords are important words that people are likely to search for any search engine and if your blog post is not indicating and helping the Google to know about your post, then it is of no help for Google to bring it out for the audience because your post is not well explained and well furnished with keywords.

There are short tail keywords and also long tail keywords. Shot tail keywords consist of one or two words.  For example, I searched for “travel to” on Google.

Well, Google will just bring out the best for you but at times, it is not always what you are looking for. And can you remember the last time you searched for two words on google, it is very rare, isn’t it.

Very Important Posts to Read;

Like for me, I don’t think I have one do that. Unless maybe I am looking for iPhone X. Long tail Keywords are keywords that consists of three or more words and this is what you need to optimize within your blog posts.

A meta description is the short summary of your post and it goes like this on google after optimizing it within your blog posts. In this post, we will be making use of Yoast SEO Plugin to add our Keywords and Meta descriptions.

Step 1: Install Yoast SEO plugin on your WordPress blog and after activating the plugin. Don’t have to do anything after that, it will always be showing after every post and there will be a section of Keyword and Meta description which is also at the bottom.

Step 2: Add the Keyword

Step 3: Add the Meta descriptions and you are done with adding your keyword and meta descriptions. With Yoast SEO plugin Premium, you can four more keywords making it five and this can make you increase traffic.

Let’s discuss a little of using Yoast SEO premium to increase traffic. Traffic which is very important for your blog, but did you know you can actually use keywords plus Yoast SEO premium to increase traffic? Yes, it is very possible.

Step 1: Before creating any blog post, there is need for you to know the post that is trending at the moment on Google which is the largest search engine in the world. Google provides an avenue to know what post or keywords that is currently trending. The service is Google Trends, just go to google trends, type in your proposed keyword and it will tell you the related keyword you typed that is trending. Write on that keywords and that’s it.

Step 2: Use Yoast SEO Premium

Yoast SEO premium provides five keywords you can use and that can improve your search engine traffic. Just add that tip for you.  Watch out for my upcoming post on this on how I receive over 150,000 visitors from Google alone using yoast seo premium effectively.

That’s all about how to add keywords and meta descriptions for every of your blog post. Hope you enjoy.



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