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How to get Google Adsense approval for a New blog



Did you want to know how to get Google Adsense approval for a new blog?  Like for me, I got adsense approval after 10 times of trying to apply. After applying the last time using a simple trick, I got approved in just less than 24 hours. That’s why in this post, I will be sharing with you tricks on how I got adsense approval which always works all the time. It is very easy and straightforward.

get adsense approval

Google Adsense is one of the best ways to make money online with a new blog. Starting a blog should be one of the main priorities for you now to make money but to candid, there are a lot of people who have blogs but couldn’t make a penny from it.

Not that these people didn’t try at all but maybe the only way to monetize their blog is with google adsense and after trying, they got disapproved by Adsense.

If you are in such situation, this post will help you get google adsense approval. Which are proven strategies which always work all the time? But maybe you are hearing of Adsense for the first time? Let me give you a brief advantage of using Google Adsense on your blog.

Google Adsense is a Pay-Per-Click advertisement that is they pay you when someone clicks on the ad placed on your blog. Apart from that, they are the best ad program in the world, because they pay their publisher like 68-70% revenue.

Also being owned by Google is a sure way because of the publicity it earned and gained by many advertisers unlike many ad programs. I made over $100 from Google Adsense per day by just placing the codes on my blog and gaining more traffic to keep the earnings every month. I have some bloggers who make over $10,000 per month from adsense.

With adsense alone, you can make a full-time income from your blog and this is how I got adsense for my blog and this strategy works all the time.

Step 1: Write Unique Content

This is the first step to getting google adsense and this is actually one of the most look out part from Google. They check if you have quality or unique contents. What is a Unique Content? It simply means contents without plagiarisms, meaning no copied contents.

Though, there are a lot of meanings to unique content but this is the most explanation I can give to it. Creating Unique contents comprises a lot of things you need to put in place. Now that we understand what unique content means, let me go ahead a little bit.

Because you are just creating your blog, you need to add atleast 20-30 contents for Google Adsense to approve you. Though it depends, Google did not state particularly how many contents it needs to be on your blog, but have seen that the range of 20-30 blog posts always worked for approval.

Trying to write up to 20 posts can be a little challenging at start but you can actually do it. There are several ways you can come up with blog posts to publish on your blog. Let’s say for example, I am writing about Health and I needed 20 Posts on my blog to get Google Approval.

Then what do I have to do? When I started Cornerwing, I researched about bloggers that are writing about the same topic, so I copied their web address site and paste it on Google Keyword Planner and that do the work.

Step 2: Optimize every of your Blog Posts

This is very important to get faster approval. There is a need for you optimize your blog post by adding meta tags and making it search friendly.

It is not possible for AdSense editorial board to check every single website that has applied to get AdSense approval. So, positively they will use their crawler bots. The bots will check for every footprint on your blog. That’s why you should make sure; you have specified these tags with appropriate information.

Step 3: Have Sufficient Contents on your blog

This is not arguable. Apart from having a unique content, there is a need for those unique contents to be more than 20 to 30 posts for fast approval.

Though it also depends,  I have seen a blogger whose as at that time applied for adsense and got disapproved. When I checked his blog, he had about 325 blog posts but still google disapprove him.

Did you know why? Because all of his contents are between 200-400 words per post. From Google’s view, this is still insufficient contents and it can be a sorry case. To get adsense approval, let your unique contents to be around 25-50 blog posts and each of this post to be more than 1000 words each.

Step 4: Wait for your Blog Domain to be Atleast Six Months

In some countries Like India, China and even Africa, there is a requirement for 6 months for the domain to apply for AdSense. This is directly from Google and not just made up.

Though if you are staying in the United States, United Kingdoms, and some other countries, there is a better chance to get adsense approval even with a new blog, there are no restrictions for that. Build up your blog for that time or even buy a domain name that is more than six months to get the approval. It is that easier. Though for the restricted.

Step 5: Create About Me, Privacy Policy and Contact Us on your Blog

I have applied without doing this before and before 2 hours I got a reply that my blog did not satisfy the requirements and I was like What!!!!. Upon all the write-ups and the hard work on the blog, still got disapproved. When I researched further, I came to realized that Google takes these three important pages very seriously. And if your blog is found wanting on these pages, your blog won’t even be reviewed. It will be disapproved straightaway.

Step 6: Be Careful with Copyright Images

While it is very important to always add an image within your blog post, you need to be very careful in doing this because Google frowns at copyright images and if found, it is disapproved immediately. There are a lot of places to get free images for your blog posts, get them and use them with no fear.

These are the 6 Crazy ways to get adsense approval. Go apply and start making money from adsense. Join the league. If you like this post, don’t forget to share.


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