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5 things to do to get Approval for a New Blog



In this post, I will be sharing with you 5 things to do to get approval. I make over $100 per day from, you can also read my honest review and how I make that amount of money per day with only few visitors. is the second advertising agency after Google Adsense and have seen a lot of bloggers making thousands of dollars per month from including me.

get approval

So it is a very good source of monetization for a new blog or old blog. If you have been thinking on how to make money online with your blog, then the first and the easiest way many bloggers always go with is ad networks and one of the best ad networks we have is, that’s while I decided to write on how to get approved by this network. is very profitable and with only it, you can be blogging full time. I have met some bloggers who make over $5000 per month from this network without doing anything.

Though, there are a lot of alternatives to the best ad network that many bloggers are dying to get approved and is Google adsense.

From my experience, I have seen that even pays more than Google adsense in some niches. Yes in some niches. If you are thinking of other alternatives to Google adsense that have done massively well, they are infolinks, mediavine, ad thrive etc.

I applied for Google adsense more than 10 times and I was disapproved more than the 10 times, not that my blog is not well set or not unique but at times, location also favours.

And did you know what; I got approval on my first try? is very easy to get approved than Google adsense but there are some blogs that even if they try 100 times, they won’t be approved.

I have applied for for many blogs and at an instant, they are approved and that’s what I will be sharing with you.

5 things to do to get Approval for a New Blog

Write Quality content

Content is king. If you want to get approval, then you need write good and quality contents. Quality means uniqueness and is without plagiarism.

If you want to get approval, then you need to write unique content that is not copied from anywhere but all written from your end in simple English.

When we are talking about quality content as well, the length of your blog post also matters, to get approved, you need to write good content that will help your readers.

When writing, always have in mind that your post is mainly published to help solve a challenge, from my experience, it is very rare to see any entertainment blogs get approved, even though there are any, it is because maybe some of the posts on their blog is also helping readers solve a challenge.

Contents must be created to solve challenges and that’s what a unique and quality content is. You can’t just decide to post anything you feel like publishing, no it is not done that way.

Create Privacy, About me and Contact Me Page

This is the second thing to look for if it is not there yet. These pages are very important to get as many ad networks approval. A friend of mine forgot to add these three pages and all the ad networks he applied for, disapproved him at once without checking the quality of your blog.

You can check my pages on how did mine and that’s how easy to do it.

Targeted and Quality Traffic

If you are getting most of your traffic from other countries apart from the US and UK and you apply for, it is 100% sure that your blog won’t be approved, they want to see traces of US and UK traffic on your blog.

So it is better to wait for some months so as to get some traces of US traffic and mind you to make more money from, your traffic must be from the US and UK. Although, don’t want your thousands of visitors or millions to get the approval.

I was approved with only about 100 visitors per day but 90% of my traffic is from the United States. There are a lot of ways to get US traffic for free, you can read one of my posts when I shared how I receive over 150,000 visitors from Pinterest. More than 50% of Pinterest users are from the United States, so it is a great benefit

Buy a Professional Theme for your Blog

There are a lot of things to invest in this type of business, to get approval and one of the investment is buying a professional theme for your blog.

Your blog must be layout very professional and not just some mediocre blogs. If you want to get approval very fast, then you need to have a beautiful blog. There are a lot of WordPress themes, you can buy at a lower price for your blog.

Easy Navigation Pages

Your audience must be able to navigate through your pages easily. To get fast and easier approval, create easy navigation for your audience so that it can be easier for them to go through your blog without any problem

These are the 5 major things to do to get approval that always works all the time.

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