How to Write a Unique Content- Step by Step Process

Did you want to learn how to create stunning contents for your blog? Then this post is for you.  Developing content for your blog is very important in terms of monetizing or even making better sales.

It is discovered that content marketing gives the largest ROI (Return on Investment), for it gives the audience or viewers a better understanding of the topic. That’s why in this post, I will be sharing you how to write a unique content for your blog for better ranking.


What is a Unique Content?

A Unique content is a term that is very common to SEO. Mostly all the time, you will be hearing a lot of bloggers, or SEO experts talking about Unique contents and you are like, what exactly is a unique content. In simple English, a unique content simply means it is Unique, not copied, not borrowed but all fresh from the writer’s view.  Let me give you an example, this post is written by me, if you searched on Google and you found the same post as this, then there is somewhere copied. Whether the blogger or me. A unique content comprises  of a lot of things, it involves addressing your audience with your point of view , the direction at which you want your audiences to see from or the main points you want them to at the end benefit from.

It plays a very important to alexa ranking because Google always love fresh updates, fresh news, fresh contents and if otherwise, it is be very hard to rank your blog and this is a bad business for your blog. If you don’t know, there is a algorithm google uses that detects if your post is copied or not. And before you get along, google can penalize you if you are caught in the act.

In relating to many ad networks approval, they also looks into fresh and unique contents. For example, Google adsense is very strict to any copied contents before and after approval. To get adsense approval, you need to provide unique content fresh and helpful to your audiences.

To rank high on Search engines like Google, Bing  and other search engines, you need to provide fresh and unique contents.  And also, if you want to be fruitful in blogging, then you need to create fresh contents. If you don’t have the time to creating these contents, there are a lot of websites out there who are willing to help you write blog posts, if you are willing to invest in content marketing. It can save you a lot of time and in no time, you are on your way to making more money because your content are very helpful o your audience and therefore, Google sees this and it says, let put this on their first page because your articles are very helpful and are unique.

Tips for Creating a Unique Content

What about, if you don’t have enough capital to invest in content marketing, and you want to find time to create your own contents by yourself. Yes, you can do it; maybe three posts per week can hit the target. Here are the tips for creating a unique content.

  • Don’t ever let copying other people’s Post cross your mind: Though, that’s more like abstract. Yes, just take it that way. Don’t copy other blogger’s post, it will just make your blog messy and unprofessional. So how can you be professional? It is easy. Go online and research on the topic you want to write about, yes , you need to do some little research because you want to present a fresh content to your audience to help them. Jot down and develop your own in a new fresh way. For example, I followed some bloggers on Pinterest, anytime I saw a new post on their blog and I read about it, I came up with a better post than theirs by researching further on the topic. In that sense, have not copied, have read, researched and came up with my own post.
  • Have a Style of Writing: Have you bought some novel lately? You will discover that they have different style of writing, don’t copy someone’s else style of writing, mix it up and develop your own style of writing, it will help you a lot
  • Use your own Understanding to write your own Post: Here is what makes the difference, you need to use how you understand the topic, put it down the way it occurs to you and you are sure it will help your readers. It is your understanding that matters to create a unique content and the time to develop the content. Content is Kingdom, so go for King.

That’s the three tips to create a unique content. Don’t have the intention to copy content, Research on the topic you want to write, have a style of writing and put down the content the way you understand it.



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