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2 Crazy Ways to Make Money on the Internet



Did you want to know the three best ways to make money online? Then this post is for you because within some minutes now, I will be revealing to you three strategies ways to make money online even without a certificate.

I have seen a lot of bloggers who don’t have a college certificate that is breaking the bank every month. It is something you can do, it is what have been doing and have yielded a very good result for me.

make money online

I started blogging professionally about 2 years ago and have been hitting and breaking the bank after 4 months of blogging. Although I officially started blogging around 2012 in my high school days.

But after spending some months without making a penny, I finally dropped out of blogging, I couldn’t continue because the blogs I created back then was not earning even the least expected money I expected.

But after two years of quitting blogging, I met a  lady and through her inspiring blog, I was extremely happy and glad and that brought out a passion to once try blogging. And you know what, I did hit the target and I finally was glad to share with you what the success story is.

Back to the main topic, how to make money online. From my experience, there are thousands of ways to make money online, but not all ways are very effective.

Don’t just go out there to try a new way, though am not discouraging you but instead of meeting a lot of challenges on your way why can’t you do what others are doing and are bringing results. Yes, am sure you will like that. That’s why I will be sharing with you three ways to make money online.

  1. Start Blogging

If you want to make money online and you want your blog to be a full-time job, then you need to start blogging the right way. Blogging is all about content marketing.

That is, writing contents that help the reader in one way or the other and at the other end, you make money from it. Isn’t that cool? But hey wait, how do you come about topics that relate to people’s problems and how do I write posts that will treat the readers’

problems without misleading. Well, many bloggers ask that. But the simple answers I normally give is, do research. Yes, research is the only way to know what to give to your readers back and solve their problems.

And this part is where is interesting. After doing your own part of writing content, apply for some ad networks and affiliate products to promote to your audience.

In this case, you are solving the reader’s problem. Let me give an example, you are writing about how to lose weight, you’ve done the necessary research, and the post is up.

What next, add some ads and Affiliate products to your blog posts which the readers can further attest to for further information or solution. Isn’t that cool. Now if the reader purchases anything, then you make money as well. It is very simple and straightforward

Blogging has changed many people’s lives and it can change your life as well. If you want to. Learn how to start a blog from scratch, I have a very good post on that. You can check it out here.

These are top bloggers making over $20,000 per month


  1. Freelancing

This is another best way you can make money online. It is called freelancing maybe you don’t understand what freelancing actually means.

Let me explain to you in a simple way. It is helping other people do, manage or supervise a particular project and in return, you are paid, depending on the type of work.

I know many bloggers who are making more than $20,000 per month by supervising some people’s project. It is very easy to start a freelancing career if you are already an expert or at least have an idea about the work you are putting in for.

There are a lot of websites that offer freelancers job at every time of the day or hour of the day and you can also partake. There are a lot of jobs you can do as a freelancer from the unthinkable to the thinkable.

When I mean unthinkable, some people don’t know that freelancers can major in vast areas of jobs from writing to managing, to supervising and to designing.

It is very easy to be a freelancer, just be experienced in what you are about to do and go for it. The challenge for freelancers is getting a better job opportunity that can make them more money.

Yes, there are but you need to go wild and far on the internet to make yourself known. In one of my post, I wrote about how to become a successful freelancer.

In that post, I made mention of becoming yourself known though whether some of their websites or through your website. Yes, through your website.

If assuming I want you to help me manage my blog, then for me to be rest assured that you can do the job, then you must prove to me that you are capable of doing the job. That’s it if your self-service is proven to be professional, then the next thing is more money from more clients.



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